Top 5 proven benefits of digital advertising

Top 5 proven Benefits of Digital Advertising (2020)

Here,the top 5 benefits of digital advertising.Due to tremendous growth in digital world . Now-a-days every business requires a digital advertising strategy to grow their business online. 

By considering current stake,more than 2.4 billion peoples are expected to make purchase online by the year 2021. Which includes both sales and services. Now we are going to discuss how Digital Advertising is beneficial when compared to traditional method.

 Cost effective :  Digital advertising results for driven-advertising, i.e. you pay only after Pre-determined success.

Targeted : With the help of digital advertising you can easily reach a specified targeted audience based on demographics of peoples who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

> Search : The internet is predominantly used for information. People are looking for answers about their problems particularly about an online product or solutions.

> ReachDigital advertising will help you to can reach a much wider audience online audience from all over the world.

> Measurable : Digital advertising is a transparent . Reporting and analysis gives comprehensive evidence of the return on investment for all advertising activities.

Act now : Consumer can immediately click on a link to access More information. Make a direct purchase or register for newsletter and service.


top 5 Proven benefits of digital advertising

Every business focuses on only one main goal ,i.e. to make an explosive  growth in their business. To do that they need to run aware campaigns for the people to know about their brand, products and services .  

                              In order to do this, there raises a question “which advertising strategy is to use for their business ?”The best answer is the one that fits best according to the goals of their company.

And  we are here to discuss some of the effective advertising campaigns which every business should employ  to accomplish their Digital advertising journey.


Digital advertising Campaigns examples :

1.Content Marketing  :

 Content Marketing is an effective digital advertising strategy in driving traffic to a website . A good  content  marketing strategy is useful in creating more engagement and allows  you to connect  with more audience .

                                           The most effective content marketing models  are  Blog posts, Articles, videos, newsletters  and  more. Content marketing is useful in building trust and brand identity for your business . And it also useful in building long-term relationship with your consumers.

The content marketing has been reached at industry standard .It has been found  more effective than traditional marketing.The  content marketing shifts  away marketing  from convincing  advertising and selling approach. But, instead it  provides information which evaluate  value for the customer.

                            A  successful content marketing create benefits for the company in the form of increased sales, , and bring more loyal consumers to their business , as traditional marketing is decreasing its effectiveness .  

Therefore the content marketing is bringing more value for many business in generating leads .The companies who do not use content marketing are left behind in the industr

2. PPC (Pay-Per-Click):

PPC advertisingis one of the most successful campaign in digital advertising. In ppc advertising  the advertiser has the opportunity to place their brand,product in front of the audience in the form of ad that targets a specific keyword.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In ppc advertising the advertiser has to pay whenever the ad was clicked by a user. PPC help  your website to rank in the top position on search engine for many specific keywords. 
 In ppc advertising if your company is  using a competitive keyword which other company are also bidding for that  then it will be a quite expensive for you. If you want to use it more effectively then you can go with long tail keyword that will help your visibility for more searches on digital platform. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      In ppc advertising you should always pick the right keyword for your ppc campaign. If you don’t select the right keyword you will be squandering your time and money.

 As for the ads format,  you can go  with the video ads as it help you to target the user who ignore text and banner ads. According to the new survey Brightroll 72% of ad agencies say that online  video advertising is effective  in getting message across. Now-a-days, many companies are preferring video ads as it is a new medium of marketing.


3. Email Campaign  : 

 Email marketing is one of the best approach to reach out number of potential buyer  around the world. Email marketing is useful in targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

                              For example if you are having  an online store you probably have many competitors for your business, so you should imperatively establish an effective communication channel with people who visit your website . 

If you want them to  to subscribe to your mailing list where you can keep them informed about the products and services you offer. The building an email lists ensures that none of your website traffic is lost ,and  the same people will likely to come back again and again to your website .

                                   The best way to get your visitors email addresses is to     attract  them with something clever. Some people will definitely want an exchange for their email address and permission to email our building database of buyers,  this is the best way to increase your subscriber list.

  Email marketing is one of the best way to target related audience without having your business website also. All you have to do is to use your Facebook business page instead of website. If you already have an email lists then you can tie up with your page to start a successful campaign.

4. Social Media : 

Social media is the best way to marketing the large number of audience all over the world . As a business owner you always try to find out which platform is best for your business  In order to acquired potential buyers .

             On social media interaction with the consumer is an important marketing strategy for small business owners. As it useful for your business  in building Brand awareness, increases your customer acquisition and help you to connect  your current customer.

 According to one survey  A massive 90% of the marketer says that social media marketing is useful for their business. On using social media you should always be focus on which  platform that you want to use for your business.

                                      You might be use Facebook? or may be on Instagram,Twitter. The best way to choose is to spend some time on researching of your targeted  customer. You should try to find out on which platform you’s customers are more active.                          Top 5 benefits of digital advertising ⬆️.


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