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What is Pay Per Click Services

PPC stand for pay per click services (or) search engine marketing.In pay per click  advertising the publisher will charge whenever user click on your ad.

Our  team of certified ppc professional works on planning and implementation to create successful campaign for your business according to your buying persona.

PPC Is used in all types of campaign goals which includes:

⚫  Promoting brand awareness.where

⚫  Generating leads.

⚫  Increasing sales.

     The ppc is work on ad relevancy. When the user search for any specific keyword about product ,services or any information at any given time. the advertiser will  show a targeted ad at the exact movement when search  is occurring.

For example ,when the user searches for T shirt ,’the publishers can show the ad related to Tshirt. 

The pioneer in this industry is Google search engine with 83% of share.Whereas the bing is acquired remaining 17%.The header section of any search engine is acquired by top 3 paid ads in search engine.

To get a top position in any search engine you need to build a better marketing strategy. Paid ads advertising is one of the successful marketing campaign which help you generating leads with in no time.

To run this advertising campaign you need an experience professional who can make a difference in paid ads.

Why PAY Per Click?

🚀 Boost traffic : PPC boost traffic to your website . 

🚀 Increases Sales : PPC increases sales to your business  .

🚀  Targeted audience : We can target specific audience.

🚀  High reach : 94% user start by search engine.

🚀   Pay per click : You have to pay when user click to your website.


🚀   Instant result : PPC help in getting instant result. 

🚀  High ROI : Generate ROI with less investment.

🚀  Relevant Audience : Gets relevant audience   .

🚀  High Visibility : PPC increases brand awareness.

🚀  Brand recognition : it increases brand recognition with remarketing

Our PPC Campaign include

➡️Account optimization.

➡️Google ppc campaign.

➡️Mobile ads campaign.

➡️Dynamic search ads

➡️Conversation Campaign.

➡️Call only Campaign.

➡️Bing Ads Campaign.

➡️Rlsa campaign.



our PPC Process

We are having a dedicated team with certified professional in PPC advertising with a good track record in getting more traffic to our client website with better conversion rate .

1️⃣  Competitor Analysis. 

2️⃣  Keyword research.

3️⃣  Campaign setup review and define KPI’S  [key performance indicator]

4️⃣  Design of high quality ads -visualise develop & build.

5️⃣  Website integration,landing page design- visualise develop & build.

6️⃣  Ads design,tracking installing & testing.

6️⃣  Campaign launch.

6️⃣  Performance analysis & campaign management.

🔟  Maintain communication channel with customer.









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